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  1. If iTunesMusic plays in the background, there is a media control key in the Touch Bar.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with media control key highlighted

    This key shows the media controls.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with media controls highlighted

    When Music is in focus, there is another Touch Bar.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with Music app controls highlighted

    The control keys and the progress bar are inverted! 🤦‍♂️

  2. Chrome fails showing big emojis

    It was the first time I really tried to use Web technologies instead of Powerpoint to create slides for a talk. The aim was to be able to demonstrate some cool responsive images features right inside the slides. But when I tried to put big emojis is these slides to emphasize reactions to these features, I discovered Chrome didn't show some of them!

  3. Yahoo! fait du zèle…

    Bon, tout le monde à le droit à l'erreur, même Yahoo!, personne n'est infaillible. Par contre, ce qui est à mon avis inadmissible de la part d'un…

  4. Noos y voilà…

    Noos lâche enfin un peu de lest sur ses forfaits NoosNet permettant l'accès plus ou moins illimité à Internet par le câble. Noos logo Au premier abord,…

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