Note from 7th September 2020

I've already donated to @Wikipedia multiple times previous years, and I'm now donating monthly.

Yet, @jimmy_wales and @krmaher keep sending me emails to ask for a donation… 🤦‍♂️

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  1. Katherine Maher avatar Katherine Maher
    Hi Nicolas, thank you for your donation! It’s possible that we have two different email addresses for you. You should not be getting a request if you’ve already donated. Please send us a note to and we’ll get that fixed!
  2. zebstrika avatar zebstrika
  3. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    Hi Katherine, thanks for the answer. I received all messages on the same e-mail address. I will contact 👍
  4. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    By the way, is it or

    I received one of the emails from the later.
  5. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    Good idea indeed, I thought donations to Wikimedia were redistributed to local chapters…
  6. Wikimedia Österreich avatar Wikimedia Österreich
    They are partly - but if you want to make sure to support eg your local charter a direct donation does the trick.. ;)
  7. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
  8. zebstrika avatar zebstrika
    more information here:…
    and some layoffs here: meanwhile:
    "The cash and investment balance of the Wikimedia Foundation on 30 June 2019 represents about 17-18 months of operating funds"…
  9. Katherine Maher avatar Katherine Maher
    Wikimedia -- my apologies, an autocorrect on my phone.
  10. Katherine Maher avatar Katherine Maher
    Donating to the Foundation or a chapter are both fine options! Chapters do work that is more focused on local issues: culture, language, partnerships, outreach, policy, volunteer support., etc. Not every region, language, or community has a chapter.
  11. Katherine Maher avatar Katherine Maher
    The Foundation is global support: runs the websites, engineering, develops software to support volunteers and readers, handles site security, etc. It helps coordinate across local organizations, and support volunteer contributors in regions and languages where no chapters exist.
  12. Katherine Maher avatar Katherine Maher
    The majority of chapters and user groups around the world receive their funding from the Foundation's annual operating fund. We coordinate and collaborate with chapters, not compete. Everyone should donate based on your interests and what you wish to support!
  13. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
  14. Wikimedia Italia avatar Wikimedia Italia
    @nhoizey Re the rest of the conversation on Twitter, Wikimedia Italia does not get one cent from the Wikimedia Foundation.
  15. Kumioko avatar Kumioko
    This allows the WMF to control the chapters or risk losing funding. This also helps make sure the #wikimedia CEO gets to keep travelling the world for free. But don't be fooled into thinking she cares about the chapters or editors. She doesn't! She cares about the donors!