Hi, I'm Nicolas Hoizey.

Passionate about the Web, I co-founded Clever Age.
I have many other interests, including photography.

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  1. Enhancing archives navigation, step 1

    I decided years ago to remove paged navigation (aka "pagination"), because I find it not user friendly at all, and a nightmare for SEO with new content pushing one tenth of contents to another page (for a 10 items per page pagination). Now, I improved the UX even further.

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  1. JAMstack is fast only if you make it so

    JAMstack often promotes itself as an excellent way to provide performant sites. It's even the first listed benefit on jamstack.wtf, a "guide [which] gathers the concept of JAMstack in a straight-forward guide to encourage other developers to adopt the workflow". But too many JAMstack sites are very slow.

  2. Users DO change font size

    Evan Minto wrote a great article showing the Internet Archive has tested the actual root font-size set by their visitors, and the result shows a lot of people still change the default one: Pixels vs. Ems: Users DO Change Font Size.

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  1. screenshot of Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers

    Philip Walton avatar Philip Walton

    Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers

    The problem with the current A/B testing tools is they construct the test on the client. They block rendering until they can determine which experiment group the current user should be in, and then they update the DOM based on that experiment’s parameters. On slow connections or low-end devices, this can mean users are staring at a blank screen for seconds waiting for network requests to finish before rendering can even start.

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  1. You can now filter the tags by usage frequency! 🏷🏷🏷

    Can you guess which are my favorite topics? 😅

    Showing my 2 favorite topics: photography and WebPerf

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