1. I accidentally moved my hero image onto Cloudinary (who I also adore!). But, a less-optimised image served from the same origin is always faster than a more-optimised image from a third party. Self-host your static assets!


    But most images are currently not or badly optimized. 😔

    They would benefit a lot from an image CDN: resize, compression, modern formats, etc.

  2. screenshot of Could sustainable websites increase energy consumption?

    Tom Greenwood avatar Tom Greenwood

    Could sustainable websites increase energy consumption?

    Having lost some sleep over this, I am relieved to find that when it comes to the web, Sustainable Web Design is the solution to the Jevons paradox. By maximising efficiency in web design, development and content creation, we can ensure that we preserve the benefits of more efficient hardware. Then by trying to ensure that the web projects we work on are actually good for the world, we can harness the secondary rebound effect to create positive rather than negative environmental impact.

  3. This is the first time I notice #CanIUse mentions Chrome in "Safari on iOS" compatibility versions.

    Why Chrome only? Why not Firefox? And Edge? Why not "Safari & other browsers" instead of "Safari & Chrome"?

    Doesn't seem fair. 😔

    CanIUse says "Safari & Chrome" for compatibility on iOS

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