1. screenshot of Some personas - Orange digital accessibility guidelines

    Orange Digital Accessibility

    Some personas - Orange digital accessibility guidelines

    situations of digital disabilities aren’t inevitable, we can all act to avoid them. Are you a creator of communication media? Are you participating in the development of a web project or a mobile application? Do you use social networks? You can act! Thanks to this set of personae, you will discover the issues related to the different deficiencies and that are easy to deploy.

  2. screenshot of Hydration is Pure Overhead

    Miško Hevery avatar Miško Hevery

    Hydration is Pure Overhead

    The re-execution of code on the client that the server already executed as part of SSR/SSG is what makes hydration pure overhead: that is, a duplication of work by the client that the server already did. The framework could have avoided the cost by transferring information from the server to the client, but instead, it threw the information away.

  3. screenshot of Colorimetry and the Cartography of Color

    Nate Baldwin avatar Nate Baldwin

    Colorimetry and the Cartography of Color

    A good comparison for interpolation and color spaces is that of cartography and illustrating flight paths. Here we can think of color spaces as being different maps. Interpolations and color steps are essentially the plotting a flight path from one location to another.

  4. screenshot of The Problem With Our Maps

    Nick Routley avatar Nick Routley

    The Problem With Our Maps

    billions of people around the world have a skewed perception of the true size of countries thanks to a cartographic technique called the Mercator projection. Used just about everywhere, from classroom wall maps to navigation apps, the Mercator projection is the way most of humanity recognizes the position and size of Earth’s continents.

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