About me

I am passionate about the Web and photography, among many interests.

I am passionate about the Web, which I discovered in 1996 during my graduate studies at EISTI. I have therefore naturally created or participated in the creation of many sites over the years[1], so many pretexts to explore the technological innovations of Web standards.

As a professional, I am co-founder (in 2001) and director of innovation at Clever Age, where I mainly advise on Web architecture (e-commerce, content management, collaborative tools, etc.) and front end expertise, including Progressive Web Apps, Responsive Web Design and Web Performance. I also run some seminars and training courses on these topics.

If you're more interested in technical stuff, you can learn more about this website.

A little (too?) curious and interested in everything about the Web, from knowledge of the lowest technical network and system layers (my specialization at EISTI) to quality front end integration including universal accessibility, I now call myself a Web facilitator, committed to sharing my knowledge with others, whether they are my clients, my colleagues or other members of the community.

Always concerned about quality, I participated in the community project Opquast, a quality repository for the Web. I also regularly participate, sometimes even as a speaker, in beautiful conferences such as Paris Web.

Outside the Web, I am also passionate about photography. As a child, I observed my father using his film camera a lot, especially for landscape or family photos, and I quickly wanted to get started too.

I don't have a theme or subject that really stands out from the others in my photographic production, but I do have a strong preference for the natural, whether it's landscapes or urban landscapes, or portraits.

You can watch my photos in my own photography portfolio, but also on Flickr.

At the end of 2014, I joined the Photo Club de Draveil, which was being created, and has since participated in several group exhibitions. This is a great opportunity to confront his work to the eyes of complete strangers (who are much less so now), which seems necessary to me to progress.

I also participated in the online photo magazine Phototrend, where I publish mainly hardware and software tests, but also news from the world of photography.

  1. I try to put back online all the old sites whose sources I have kept or found, like Ciné Files dating from 1998… ↩︎