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  1. Same page tested on PageSpeed Insights over a few hours the same day, without anything modified, and the desktop scores vary from 19 to 59… 🤷‍♂️

    A lot of businesses rely on this crap to now if their site is "fast" enough for Google SEO! 😭

    Three different scores: 44, 59, 19

  2. Am I the only one seeing lazy loaded content previews when my mouse cursor goes over a result in Google Search? 🤔

    Google Search results when the page loads

    Google Search results after overing two of them with my mouse cursor

  3. Looks like my site is rapidly disappearing from Google. 🤷‍♂️

    screenshot of Google Search Console for impressions

    I guess most of my content is not interesting anymore, not really a surprise with some being almost 20 years old… 😅

  4. Want another reason to hate #AMP?

    A play in three acts:

    @Rich_Harris @atmccann Looks like it’s been fixed! 👍

    By the way, I saw the button isn’t there at all on my Safari on iPhone, is it on purpose on small viewports?

    I wanted to check for the situation in Sweden, where I’m traveling right now. 😅

    @atmccann @Rich_Harris Ooh, just saw I’m on the AMP version… 🤦‍♂️7

    Image from Tweet

    @atmccann @Rich_Harris The button is there and working on the "true" version.

    Sorry for the mistake.

    Image from Tweet

    Users should not have to go through this. This is really bad UX.

    Unfortunately, I guess most end users would blame the New York Times, not Google.

    I have an idea to improve this…

  5. Google Image Search

    Google n'en fini plus de s'étoffer, avec une nouvelle déclinaison dédiée à la recherche d'images. Vous pourrez ainsi trouver plein de photos de gasteropodes…

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