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  1. screenshot of Can I email ___ ?

    Rémy Parmentier avatar Rémy Parmentier

    Can I email ___ ?

    Rémy and a few others launched an awesome resource for people who plan to struggle with rich email using HTML and CSS, which are not well supported in most email clients.

  2. screenshot of Front-end Developer Handbook 2019

    Cody Lindley avatar Cody Lindley

    Front-end Developer Handbook 2019

    If you want to grok the great diversity of topics and technologies involved in Front-end Web development, here is probably the most comprehensive source you can find nowadays.

  3. screenshot of The practical value of semantic HTML

    Bruce Lawson avatar Bruce Lawson

    The practical value of semantic HTML

    We’re seeing more and more types of devices connecting to the web, and semantic HTML can help these devices display your content in a more usable way to their owners. And if your site is more usable than your competitors’, you win, and your boss will erect a massive gold statue of you in the office car park.

  4. n'est pas en form

    Sur son site déjà récemment revu, le célèbre magazine Photo a prévu la possibilité pour les internaute de saisir leur adresse e-mail afin d'être prévenus de la sortie du futur nouveau site. Sauf que le champ n'est pas dans un formulaire, et est donc inopérant.

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