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  1. screenshot of What's new in Lighthouse 10

    Brendan Kenny avatar Brendan Kenny

    What's new in Lighthouse 10

    The venerable Time To Interactive (TTI) metric is being removed in Lighthouse 10, with its 10% score weight shifted to Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which will now account for 25% of the overall performance score. Ideally this change will increase focus on CLS for sites that still need fixes for unnecessary layout shifts.

  2. Same page tested on PageSpeed Insights over a few hours the same day, without anything modified, and the desktop scores vary from 19 to 59… 🤷‍♂️

    A lot of businesses rely on this crap to now if their site is "fast" enough for Google SEO! 😭

    Three different scores: 44, 59, 19

  3. This new monitoring tool based on #Eleventy, built by @zachleat, is awesome! 😍

    New project: Speedlify 🐇

    A self-hosted dashboard to continuously measure and publish web site performance statistics using Lighthouse and Axe.

    It took me just a few minutes to built my dashboard for multiple sites:

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