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  1. screenshot of A new barrier to communicating about design systems

    Amy Hupe avatar Amy Hupe

    A new barrier to communicating about design systems

    the only thing more dangerous to a design system’s funding case than a lack of understanding of what it is, is a false understanding of what it is. Particularly when that false understanding is often built on a collection of common myths that have elbowed their way, without nuance, into the psyche of our organisations’ leaders.

  2. screenshot of Layout & Grid in Design Systems

    Brad Frost avatar Brad Frost

    Layout & Grid in Design Systems

    This interdisciplinary disconnect around grid’s mental model affects how teams execute grid. In a broken, unidirectional, “developer handoff” process, design comps are treated as sacrosanct, and developers see that 12-column semi-transparent pink guideline as a hard requirement that must implemented exactly as articulated by the static design tool. This is how a “how to do a 12-column grid in HTML/CSS?” Google search ultimately led to massive success for tools like Bootstrap. Despite the introduction of many new CSS technologies and layout techniques over many years, this antiquated 12-column mental model still dominates a lot of conversations around layout and grid.

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