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I've been in love with SVG for a while, even created a full game with completely fluid and responsive graphics.

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  1. screenshot of Accessible SVG Icons with Inline Sprites

    Marco Hengstenberg avatar Marco Hengstenberg

    Accessible SVG Icons with Inline Sprites

    Standing on their own, icons can be misinterpreted […]. The most important issue though: they lack text. Text is the most accessible format for information on the web. Screen readers understand text best and the same applies to most assistive technology, such as translation apps and Braille displays. So, if we have anything on our web page that’s not text — like icons — we must add text that gives our users the same information. Otherwise we could exclude people from understanding our interfaces.

  2. How I build my SVG sprites

    I'm using an SVG sprite on this site to make sure I don't repeat SVG code for icons that are used multiple times, and I inline it so the rendering doesn't depend on another resource loading. Here's how I build this sprite from individual SVG icons.

  3. Anyone knows which browsers support the href attribute in #SVG <use> tags without the xlink namespace?

    Couldn't find the information in #CanIUse.

    I'm not interested (this time) in support in SVG editors or other tools, just browsers.

  4. screenshot of Optimising SVGs for the Web

    Michelle Barker avatar Michelle Barker

    Optimising SVGs for the Web

    Optimising SVGs (scalable vector graphics) for web projects has the dual benefits of reducing the file size and making them easier to work with. […] In this article I’ll share my process for optimising SVG assets, which may help you if you’re a designer or developer unfamiliar with working with SVG on the web.

  5. esviji v2 sera complètement responsive

    Voilà plus d'un an que je travaille sur une nouvelle version de mon jeu esviji développé en technologies Web, et plus particulièrement en SVG. Avant la sortie prochaine de cette v2 sur tous vos écrans, voici déjà un petit teasing de son interface devenue complètement responsive.

  6. Responsive Icons with SVG

    There have already been some explorations on responsive SVG images a while back, but when Joe Harrison posted a responsive icon concept on Dribbble and even a working version on a dedicated website, a few people thought this was so wrong they had to make their own version. I must admit I'm one of them… 😉

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