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I've been in love with SVG for a while, even created a full game with completely fluid and responsive graphics.

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  1. How I build my SVG sprites

    I'm using an SVG sprite on this site to make sure I don't repeat SVG code for icons that are used multiple times, and I inline it so the rendering doesn't depend on another resource loading. Here's how I build this sprite from individual SVG icons.

  2. Anyone knows which browsers support the href attribute in #SVG <use> tags without the xlink namespace?

    Couldn't find the information in #CanIUse.

    I'm not interested (this time) in support in SVG editors or other tools, just browsers.

  3. Responsive Icons with SVG

    There have already been some explorations on responsive SVG images a while back, but when Joe Harrison posted a responsive icon concept on Dribbble and even a working version on a dedicated website, a few people thought this was so wrong they had to make their own version. I must admit I'm one of them… 😉

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