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Enhancing archives navigation, step 1

I decided years ago to remove paged navigation (aka "pagination"), because I find it not user friendly at all, and a nightmare for SEO with new content pushing one tenth of contents to another page (for a 10 items per page pagination). Now, I improved the UX even further.

This new monitoring tool based on #Eleventy, built by @zachleat, is awesome! 😍

New project: Speedlify 🐇

A self-hosted dashboard to continuously measure and publish web site performance statistics using Lighthouse and Axe.

It took me just a few minutes to built my dashboard for multiple sites:

I use #Eleventy transforms for multiple use cases, but they can only be run on the almost final HTML.

How would you run other transforms on the source #Markdown, before Markdown-it?

How could it be done in en Eleventy plugin?

images-responsiver is a simple solution for most responsive images needs

Is it catchy enough? 😁

Here's my latest pet project, trying to help people struggling with responsive images:

If you use #Eleventy, there's also a plugin:

Documentation is still a little rough around the edges, but should be enough at least for people already knowing npm and JS.

My #Eleventy build time is now down to 37 seconds on average! 💪

A few external data fetches, 1087 HTML pages generated, 1608 simple images <img src…> automatically transformed into responsive <img srcset… sizes…>

screenshot of Eleventy’s New Performance Leaderboard

Zach Leatherman avatar Zach Leatherman wrote

Eleventy’s New Performance Leaderboard

Eleventy doesn’t do any special optimizations out of the box to make your sites fast. It doesn’t protect you from making a slow site. But importantly it also doesn’t add anything extra either. This sort of developer empowerment over the final product has seemed to attract an amazing group of performance oriented developers using the project and I am so grateful to every one of you.

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