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  1. screenshot of Push

    Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith


    With push notifications in mobile Safari, the arguments for making proprietary apps get weaker. That’s good. Yeees! 🥳 But… there's a big "but" in…

  2. screenshot of File Web Share Target

    Paul Kinlan

    File Web Share Target

    Inter-app communication is one of the major missing pieces of the web platform, and specifically one of the last major missing features is native…

  3. How much data should my Service Worker put upfront in the offline cache?

    I love when Web site/apps work even when I'm offline. I've made my SVG game esviji work offline thanks to appcache just after attending Jake Archibald conference about why Application Cache is a Douchebag during the 2012 edition of the Paris Web conference. Fortunately, we have now Service Workers (in some browsers), which gives us more control over this kind of cache for offline browsing. But as Uncle Ben says, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.

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