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Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith wrote


The layered approach of progressive enhancement echoes the separation of concerns in the front-end stack: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—each layer expressing more power. But while these concepts are related, they’re not interchangable. Separating out the layers of your tech stack isn’t necessarily progressive enhancement. If you have some HTML that relies on JavaScript to be useful, then there’s no benefit in separating that HTML into a separate payload. The HTML that you initially send down the wire needs to be functional (at least at a basic level) before the JavaScript arrives.

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Miriam Suzanne avatar Miriam Suzanne wrote

Why Is CSS So Weird?

If you don't understand why CSS is one of the great strengths of the Web, even if you've been using it for a while, you really have to spend these 15 minutes to watch Miriam Suzanne explain how it came to be, and why it is what it is.

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Remy Sharp avatar Remy Sharp wrote

Progressive Enhancement

Publishing a draft originally written in 2015, Remy shows Progressive Enhancement is still a strong topic all developers should understand and work on:

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Harry Roberts avatar Harry Roberts wrote

What if?

If you’re going to build an image loader that hides the whole page until all images are ready, you must also ask yourself what if the images don’t arrive?

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