1. Looks like my site is rapidly disappearing from Google. 🤷‍♂️

    screenshot of Google Search Console for impressions

    I guess most of my content is not interesting anymore, not really a surprise with some being almost 20 years old… 😅

  2. If iTunesMusic plays in the background, there is a media control key in the Touch Bar.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with media control key highlighted

    This key shows the media controls.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with media controls highlighted

    When Music is in focus, there is another Touch Bar.

    Screenshot of the Touch Bar with Music app controls highlighted

    The control keys and the progress bar are inverted! 🤦‍♂️

  3. screenshot of Responsive web design turns ten

    Ethan Marcotte avatar Ethan Marcotte

    Responsive web design turns ten

    I remember being really excited when I read Ethan's Responsive Web Design article on A List Apart and saw the final responsive result.

  4. screenshot of The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

    Tim Kadlec avatar Tim Kadlec

    The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

    In an ideal world, I believe a framework should go beyond developer experience value and provide concrete value for the people using our sites. Performance is just one part of that—accessibility and security both come to mind as well—but it’s an essential part.

  5. screenshot of The Fastest Google Fonts

    Harry Roberts avatar Harry Roberts

    The Fastest Google Fonts

    If you're using Google Fonts service instead of self-hosting the fonts (even if they come from Google Fonts), Harry shows here the optimal performance and UX you can get with it, with lot of details, but a really simple solution.

  6. I use #Eleventy transforms for multiple use cases, but they can only be run on the almost final HTML.

    How would you run other transforms on the source #Markdown, before Markdown-it?

    How could it be done in en Eleventy plugin?

  7. screenshot of Second-guessing the modern web

    Tom MacWright avatar Tom MacWright

    Second-guessing the modern web

    […] there is a swath of use cases which would be hard without React and which aren’t complicated enough to push beyond React’s limits. But there are also a lot of problems for which I can’t see any concrete benefit to using React. Those are things like blogs, shopping-cart-websites, mostly-CRUD-and-forms-websites. For these things, all of the fancy optimizations are optimizations to get you closer to the performance you would’ve gotten if you just hadn’t used so much technology.

  8. JAMstack is fast only if you make it so

    JAMstack often promotes itself as an excellent way to provide performant sites. It's even the first listed benefit on, a "guide [which] gathers the concept of JAMstack in a straight-forward guide to encourage other developers to adopt the workflow". But too many JAMstack sites are very slow.

  9. I still love how #IFTTT makes it easy to link two services.

    But getting content from a feed entry to create a tweet with image has always been a bit tedious.

    Let's try again…

    Screenshot of an "applet" in IFTTT