Note from 23 May 2020

When @getify writes "It took my brain weeks to fully understand the implications of that juggling", I wonder if I really should try to understand… 😅

Looks fascinating anyway:

  1. TIL IntersectionObserver's rootMargin only works if the observer is in the same origin, because of privacy concerns:

    There is a risk that the API may be used to probe for information about the geometry of the global viewport itself, which may be used to deduce the user’s hardware configuration.

    That's why this demo of a sticky navigation doesn't work in CodePen's default view… 😞

  2. I needed a JavaScript way to verify if two arrays contain the same (all different) values.

    I then found a better solution for my use case, but it might be useful later, so here it is:

    const sameValues = (array1, array2) =>
    array1.length === array2.length &&
    array1.every((element) => array2.includes(element));