1. Same page tested on PageSpeed Insights over a few hours the same day, without anything modified, and the desktop scores vary from 19 to 59… 🤷‍♂️

    A lot of businesses rely on this crap to now if their site is "fast" enough for Google SEO! 😭

    Three different scores: 44, 59, 19

  2. In all #WebPerf reporting tools with graphs, I would like to be able to quickly set a preferred scale, or ignore certain values that I know are incorrect.

    Examples from Contentsquare/Dareboost and SpeedCurve…

    Screenshot of a Contentsquare/Dareboost graph with an incorrect value implying a useless scale

    Screenshot of a SpeedCurve graph with an incorrect value implying a useless scale

  3. I needed a JavaScript way to verify if two arrays contain the same (all different) values.

    I then found a better solution for my use case, but it might be useful later, so here it is:

    const sameValues = (array1, array2) =>
      array1.length === array2.length &&
      array1.every((element) => array2.includes(element));

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