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Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?

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Here's a good overview of mobile (smart)phones alternative to Google and Apple ones (or lack thereof), if you want to make sure you're not spied on.

The conclusion is explicit:

The app economy, like the web economy, is ultimately based on surveillance. That isn’t likely to change unless the EU does something about it. And so far, despite the GDPR and three antitrust cases against Google, the EU has left smartphone tracking revenues unharmed.

I own a Nokia 8110 4G "banana" powered by KaiOS, because I was a big fan of Firefox OS[1], but I can't make it my daily phone because I would miss the large touch screen.

I'm not really convinced yet by other phones, so I keep my iPhone, as I believe it exposes me less than any Android phone.

But I should be more careful with Apps I use (including the ones Facebook owns), because as Jack Schofield says:

Whatever happens with Apple and Google, people buy smartphones to run apps and most apps appear to be compromising your privacy.

  1. KaiOS is a fork of B2G (Boot to Gecko), a successor of the discontinued Firefox OS. ↩︎