Note from 12 March 2020

Want another reason to hate #AMP?

A play in three acts:

@Rich_Harris @atmccann Looks like it’s been fixed! 👍

By the way, I saw the button isn’t there at all on my Safari on iPhone, is it on purpose on small viewports?

I wanted to check for the situation in Sweden, where I’m traveling right now. 😅

@atmccann @Rich_Harris Ooh, just saw I’m on the AMP version… 🤦‍♂️7

Image from Tweet

@atmccann @Rich_Harris The button is there and working on the "true" version.

Sorry for the mistake.

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Users should not have to go through this. This is really bad UX.

Unfortunately, I guess most end users would blame the New York Times, not Google.

I have an idea to improve this…