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Max Böck avatar Max Böck wrote

Good Enough

Even if I follow Max' work and content, I don't remember reading this article back in June. Thanks David for your article "Publier" (in French), where you shared the link, it resonates with me.

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Boris Schapira avatar Boris Schapira wrote

Trackers on Your Domain, Revenue Risk

In this article, Boris shows how new practices around third party trackers hidden as first party assets, to "escape" GDPR and trackers blockers, can lead to security and performance issues, leading to potential business loss.

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Martin Kleppmann, Adam Wiggins, Peter van Hardenberg avatar Peter van Hardenberg and Mark McGranaghan wrote

Local-first software

I talk a lot about POSSE these days, but it's mainly about content, not applications. For them, it is often difficult to host a solution yourself, but relying on a third-party solution in the cloud also raises many concerns, to which the Ink & Switch team is trying to find a solution:

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Miriam Suzanne avatar Miriam Suzanne wrote

Why Is CSS So Weird?

If you don't understand why CSS is one of the great strengths of the Web, even if you've been using it for a while, you really have to spend these 15 minutes to watch Miriam Suzanne explain how it came to be, and why it is what it is.

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Jake Archibald avatar Jake Archibald wrote

Caching best practices & max-age gotchas

Used correctly, caching is a massive performance enhancement and bandwidth saver. Favour immutable content for any URL that can easily change, otherwise play it safe with server revalidation. Only mix max-age and mutable content if you're feeling brave, and you're sure your content has no dependancies or dependents that could get out of sync.

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Rémy Parmentier avatar Rémy Parmentier wrote

Can I email ___ ?

Rémy and a few others launched an awesome resource for people who plan to struggle with rich email using HTML and CSS, which are not well supported in most email clients.

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Charlie Owen avatar Charlie Owen wrote

The Real Dark Web

Charlie writes about the vast majority of Web developers that we never hear/read from on social networks (Twitter, Mastodon, etc.), Web publication hubs (Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, etc.) or in conferences: