1. screenshot of Timelines of the web

    Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith

    Timelines of the web

    Jeremy Keith explains how he built the timeline of inspirations and achievements of the World Wide Web:

  2. screenshot of Font sizing with rem could be avoided

    Harry Roberts avatar Harry Roberts

    Font sizing with rem could be avoided

    I don't really agree with the simple statement made in the title of this article, as sizing fonts with rem is sometimes useful to escape the default cascading sizing, but the most important part here IMHO is the following:

  3. screenshot of File Web Share Target

    Paul Kinlan avatar Paul Kinlan

    File Web Share Target

    Inter-app communication is one of the major missing pieces of the web platform, and specifically one of the last major missing features is native level sharing: Web apps need to be able to get data out of their silo and into other web sites and apps; they also need to be able to receive the data from other native apps and sites.