1. screenshot of Atom > RSS: Why We Should Just Call Them “Feeds” Instead of “RSS” Feeds

    Daniel Miessler avatar Daniel Miessler

    Atom > RSS: Why We Should Just Call Them “Feeds” Instead of “RSS” Feeds

    I’m no longer calling feeds “RSS feeds”. From now on I’m calling them “syndication” feeds, or just “feeds”. There have been two standards for doing this type of XML-based website syndication for a long time now — Atom and RSS. RSS is older and has more penetration, so its name has been confused with its function. Just like Xerox, Kleenex and Google."

  2. screenshot of Please support Web Monetization if you want less ads on the web

    Adrian Todorov

    Please support Web Monetization if you want less ads on the web

    for a lot of web content creators, ads remain the main way to make money of the content they produce, which could be just to compensate costs, as a reward for the time spent, or even potentially to allow transferring to full time content producing. And for a lot of content consumers, blocking ads removes the only way to “pay”, baring some direct donations scheme.

  3. screenshot of Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You

    Hynek Schlawack avatar Hynek Schlawack

    Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You

    As a maintainer of several open source projects (both in Ruby and JavaScript), I agree with everything Hynek says about the difficulty for a maintainer to define versions and give a hint about potential compatibility issues.

  4. screenshot of Letters of exclusion

    Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith

    Letters of exclusion

    I feel sorry for anyone trying to get into the field of web performance. Not only are there complex browser behaviours to understand, there’s also a veritable alphabet soup of initialisms to memorise. Here’s a really good post on web performance by Harry, but notice how the initialisms multiply like tribbles as the post progresses until we’re talking about using CWV metrics like LCP, FID, and CLS—alongside TTFB and SI—to look at PLPs, PDPs, and SRPs. And fair play to Harry; he expands each initialism the first time he introduces it.

  5. screenshot of Why The IndieWeb?

    Heydon Pickering avatar Heydon Pickering

    Why The IndieWeb?

    Heydon is back with a new brilliant Webbed Briefs video, this time about the rise and fall of the free Web, and the new hope that is IndieWeb.

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