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Good Enough

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Even if I follow Max' work and content, I don't remember reading this article back in June. Thanks David for your article "Publier" (in French), where you shared the link, it resonates with me.

I've published only one article this year. I'm not able to decide if I didn't write more because I don't take the time to write down the many ideas I have every day, or if the events this specific article relates touched me more than I'm able to acknowledge.

I should follow Max example:

I’ll publish something as soon as I feel confident that all the important points I want to get across are there. I try to ignore the voice screaming “it’s not ready” just for long enough to push it online. Then I share the link on Twitter.

But even if I'm able to share links, oddly even give talks, I feel articles I could write are not useful enough to justify taking time to write them. I don't have these "important points I want to get across". What is "Good Enough"?

Maybe writing 2 or 3 posts per year is enough, after all, if they are useful.

I'm even considering deleting a lot of old content from this site…