Note from 6 March 2020

Would you like to be able to control when a #PWA is updated on your device?

It would be useful for example to prevent consuming too much data in roaming, like I often do with native apps.

Weigh in!

+@MSEdgeDev @AaronGustafson

  1. screenshot of Push

    Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith


    With push notifications in mobile Safari, the arguments for making proprietary apps get weaker. That’s good.

  2. screenshot of How do you test a service worker, anyway?

    Jeff Posnick

    How do you test a service worker, anyway?

    if you're writing a service worker from scratch, if you're using one of Workbox's more exotic plugins or custom strategies, or if your service worker's behavior is particularly important to your overall user experience, developing a test suite dedicated to your service worker can give you an important peace of mind.

  3. screenshot of iOS PWA Compatibility

    Maximiliano Firtman avatar Maximiliano Firtman

    iOS PWA Compatibility

    This is a compatibility list of supported features on Safari on iOS and iPadOS vs. what's available in the most used PWA browser in current market share for similar mobile devices: Google Chrome on Android.