Note from 28 June 2021

Look, #esviji is now in the @windowsstore! πŸŽ‰

esviji in the Windows Store

It was pretty easy with the great help of the @pwabuilder team, thanks for that. πŸ™

And thanks @Microsoft for believing in PWAs. πŸ‘

  1. screenshot of Update for Customers Using PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

    Adobe PhoneGap avatar Adobe PhoneGap

    Update for Customers Using PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

    Since [PhoneGap]’s beginning in 2008, the market has evolved and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) now bring the power of native apps to web applications. PWAs are increasingly bridging the gap between web and native mobile apps through capabilities such as offline support, push notifications, home-screen icons and full-screen view control without the need for containers.