Note from 2nd March 2020

Tried to write a fresh new #ServiceWorker with #Workbox 5 and #Rollup (first time ever), almost copy/pasted from what @jeffposnick did in but I get a strange error reporting mixed content… 😥

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  1. Jeff Posnick avatar Jeff Posnick
    Can you check your web server setup? It looks like a request for /index.html results in a 301 Redirect for /.

    That 301 Redirect switches the scheme from https:// to http://
  2. Nicolas Hoizey avatar Nicolas Hoizey
    OMG, that’s it! 🤦‍♂️

    I forgot to add explicit HTTPS to some of my numerous redirections performed by Apache, which only sees HTTP, behind a HTTPS proxy:…

    Thanks a lot Jeff! 👍