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Use Speedlify to Continuously Measure Site Performance

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If you don't have any budget for Dareboost (or competitors) yet, Speedlify can help you monitor your site's performance for free, and build your performance strategy to justify using even better tools:

how do we ensure that the site maintains good performance and best practices when deploys are happening every day? How do we keep the web site fast? The second step is continuous measurement. This is where Speedlify comes in. It’s an Eleventy-generated web site published as an open source repository to help automate continuous performance measurements.

  1. Same page tested on PageSpeed Insights over a few hours the same day, without anything modified, and the desktop scores vary from 19 to 59… 🤷‍♂️

    A lot of businesses rely on this crap to now if their site is "fast" enough for Google SEO! 😭

    Three different scores: 44, 59, 19