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The Flexbox Holy Albatross Reincarnated

Screenshot of “The Flexbox Holy Albatross Reincarnated”

when you have three items, you’ll be happy with the three-abreast layout and accepting of the single-column configuration. But you might like to avoid the intermediary part where you get a pair of elements on one line followed by a longer element underneath.

A great responsive layout trick, without any Media Query, so also usable inside a component of any width, awesome!

As mentioned in Heydon's post, Rémi Parmentier already wrote 3 years ago about his Fab Four technique to create Responsive Emails without Media Queries, but I like how Heydon uses custom properties to make it easier (Yes, Remi could obviously not have used them back then.)

We still do need container/element queries, anyway, for other responsiveness needs!

  1. screenshot of gridless.design

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    The web is good at these things, just not in the ways that designers have been accustomed to working. We'll take a look at how we got here and how we might change our perspective. Let's think outside of the grid and allow other guidelines to provide a comprehensive layout.

  2. TIL @​media not (min-width: 60rem) { … } doesn't work in Safari, while it works in Chromium and Firefox.

    Safari requires a media type, like all.

    So here's the "right" syntax:
    @​media not all and (min-width: 60rem) { … }