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A historical record of foundational web development blog posts.

I've already read most of these great articles, and will of course read the few missing. You should read all of them, even the ones that are pretty old. Even more these ones actually, seeing them still recommended shows how important they are!

What's really interesting also is that 8 of these articles (nearly 1 in 5!) have been published by A List Apart, which shows how important this publisher is for the Web, with also its long list of great books.

Even more important, around half of these articles have been published on they author's own website! This is important.

  1. Do you know good tutorials and/or examples about dealing with responsive images that are fluid horizontaly, but with a fixed height?

    Using object-fit: cover; in the CSS is easy, but how can we prevent loading many pixels that will be hidden, without using too many <source> in a <picture>?