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Bridgy stats update

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I've been using Brid.gy since I started using Webmentions on this site, to get mentions from silos (Twitter mostly) back to the contents. This is an awesome service.

Since launch in December 2013: 3793 users, 1.22M webmentions sent successfully to almost 2000 unique domains, 12.8M responses handled (likes, comments etc), 42K POSSEs published

This shows how small the IndieWeb community is, but I hope we will be much more in a few years.

total cost back down to ~$.01/user/month (from ~$.02 a year ago)

It doesn't seem a lot obviously, but if volumes increase (users and content), Ryan might need funding.

I searched for a way to help with these expenses, but Bridgy asks to back IndieWeb instead. I'm already backing IndieWeb every month, so I guess it's good.