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  1. Wonder if #EveryLayout's sidebar could be used for a media component where the image is on top by default, and on the right when there's enough space.

    Looks like it's either 1st element on the left or 2nd element on the right… 🤔

    A media element based on EveryLayout's sidebar?

  2. screenshot of Sophisticated Partitioning with CSS Grid

    Rob Weychert avatar Rob Weychert

    Sophisticated Partitioning with CSS Grid

    Tinnitus Tracker is the live music diary of Rob Weychert, listing more than 300 shows he's attended. Events lists can be really boring to scroll through, unless you're fond of CSS and want to experiment with Grid Layout and Quantity Queries.

  3. screenshot of The Flexbox Holy Albatross Reincarnated

    Heydon Pickering avatar Heydon Pickering

    The Flexbox Holy Albatross Reincarnated

    when you have three items, you’ll be happy with the three-abreast layout and accepting of the single-column configuration. But you might like to avoid the intermediary part where you get a pair of elements on one line followed by a longer element underneath.

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