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Responsive Logo Composition With SVG

Screenshot of “Responsive Logo Composition With SVG”

This is not a recent article, but it's still very useful, I should have shared it earlier!

Logos are an ideal use-case for SVG. […] But what if we want to re-arrange our logo elements depending on the aspect ratio of the asset, perhaps to account for the amount of vertical real estate available to us?

This is exactly what I did for the logo on my photography site, if you want to see a live example.

  1. esviji v2 sera complètement responsive

    Voilà plus d'un an que je travaille sur une nouvelle version de mon jeu esviji développé en technologies Web, et plus particulièrement en SVG. Avant la sortie prochaine de cette v2 sur tous vos écrans, voici déjà un petit teasing de son interface devenue complètement responsive.

  2. Responsive Icons with SVG

    There have already been some explorations on responsive SVG images a while back, but when Joe Harrison posted a responsive icon concept on Dribbble and even a working version on a dedicated website, a few people thought this was so wrong they had to make their own version. I must admit I'm one of them… 😉