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Loading and replacing HTML parts with HTML

Screenshot of “Loading and replacing HTML parts with HTML”

I really would like HTML to be more powerful, and I think showing other content without a full page reload is something people wanted for decades and will probably also want in the future, so it may be worth to see if we can do this in HTML.

It would be awesome having this in standard HTML, supported natively by browsers! 👍

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    Second-guessing the modern web

    […] there is a swath of use cases which would be hard without React and which aren’t complicated enough to push beyond React’s limits. But there are also a lot of problems for which I can’t see any concrete benefit to using React. Those are things like blogs, shopping-cart-websites, mostly-CRUD-and-forms-websites. For these things, all of the fancy optimizations are optimizations to get you closer to the performance you would’ve gotten if you just hadn’t used so much technology.