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Can I get an Encore? Spotify’s Design System, Three Years On

Screenshot of “Can I get an Encore? Spotify’s Design System, Three Years On”

To build the semantic token layers we mentioned in the previous lesson, we developed a color-theming algorithm that, given a few input values, can generate an entire color theme with guaranteed accessible color contrast.

We’re continuing to invest in this approach and are now in the process of developing a new algorithm to generate layout and spacing themes, which will enable our components to scale and adapt to different devices and user modes.

I'm still not decided for code first or design first approaches for Design Tokens.

Code first looks more appealing for me probably because I'm a developper and not at all a designer, so I'm biaised. But some code based automations can really help tackle challenges such as geometric scale for dimensions, color scales and accessibility, etc.

What are the main advantages of design first, appart from experimentation in design tools? Are some design tools providing enough automation opportunities?