1. I just switched my photography site to #Cloudflare Pages Fast Builds beta.

    The "Initializing build environment" tasks what taking more than 2 minutes before, it's now 2 seconds! 🎉

    📣 Faster builds on Cloudflare Pages are here!

    ⚡Opt-in to our open beta in your project’s settings to test out the new infrastructure and shed minutes off your total builds time.

    Have feedback? Let us know on Discord in our #fast-builds-beta channel.

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  2. Je commence à me dire qu'il n'était pas pertinent d'adopter cette présentation uniforme sous forme de recherche pré-filtrée de toutes mes pages par type de contenu.

  3. screenshot of Is Firefox OK?

    Matt Burgess avatar Matt Burgess

    Is Firefox OK?

    I'm really concerned about Firefox' future. I've been using since… forever. I was using Netscape before. I switched to Phoenix the day they released it, saw rebrandings to Firebird and then Firefox.

  4. What's the name of the video player you can open outside #Firefox UI to keep it visible while going to other tabs?

    I can't find anything about it in Bugzilla.

    I would welcome additional controls, or at least an interactive timeline.

  5. Karl indique que mettre à jour les données de compatibilité sur MDN est simple. Mathieu m'avait donné le même lien. C'est sûr, quand on sait que c'est dans le dépôt browser-compat-data, ça aide.

  6. User Agent sniffing is bad, episode 964343.

    If you someone working at @Akamai @akamaidev in charge of the mobile detection for their CDN, please put them in contact with us. Android 12 detection is broken. See