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Have Core Web Vitals made the web faster?

Screenshot of “Have Core Web Vitals made the web faster?”

Barry dives into data from HTTP Archive to show how Google's push for web performance with Core Web Vitals helped — or not 😅 — improve the performance of the Web.

There have been lots of success stories which would suggest that yes it has, but this Christmas Grinch is less convinced…

I would like to thank Barry for adding Speed Index in HTTP Archive reports, it's still one of my favorite metrics when I need to show something visual and easy to grasp to people without technical knowledge.

  1. I have a client site with a header that is hidden when the user scrolls down, but shown again when the user scrolls up, which seems pretty comon nowadays.

    This triggers some CLS, even if the hide/show is done in less than 500 ms, as “continuous interactions such as scrolls, drags, or pinch and zoom gestures are not considered ‘recent input’”. 😞