Emerson Loustau

Big picture performance analysis using Lighthouse Parade

Screenshot of “Big picture performance analysis using Lighthouse Parade”

Here is a great new open source tool provided by the Cloud Four team! 👍

Lighthouse Parade is a Node.js command line tool that crawls a domain and gathers lighthouse performance data for every page. With a single command, the tool will crawl an entire site, run a Lighthouse report for each page, and then output a spreadsheet with the aggregated data.

I will however welcome an option to limit the crawling, because I already have more than 2300 pages on my personal site, and many more on most clients sites… 😅

  1. Same page tested on PageSpeed Insights over a few hours the same day, without anything modified, and the desktop scores vary from 19 to 59… 🤷‍♂️

    A lot of businesses rely on this crap to now if their site is "fast" enough for Google SEO! 😭

    Three different scores: 44, 59, 19