Note from 29 July 2021

Based on #CanIUse data, using gap with Flexbox with no fallback means half iOS users won't get the right layout.

Browser support for feature “flexbox-gap“
Can I Use flexbox-gap?

It might be a bit too soon… 🥲

  1. When I import my Google Analytics data in #CanIUse, it says only 80 % of my visitors have support for CSS clamp(), while it's 90 % globally. 🤔

    Percentages of users that have browsers supporting CSS clamp().

    I have almost only tech-savvy visitors, so I don't understand. 🤷‍♂️

  2. I'm a developer, not a graphic designer, so I genuinely wonder if CSS Grid and Flexbox automated layout and space management would be better for the flexible Web than such rigid artificial grids. I'm really wondering.

    Responsive Grid Design: Ultimate Guide

    This article highlights the most important aspect of the responsive grid and how product designers can adapt grids in their design workflow.

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