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Exploring Pure CSS Navigation

Screenshot of “Exploring Pure CSS Navigation”

So there it is, 5 different variations of fully accessible, CSS only mobile menu.

I might have overdone it, but it was fun.

  1. Do you know good tutorials and/or examples about dealing with responsive images that are fluid horizontaly, but with a fixed height?

    Using object-fit: cover; in the CSS is easy, but how can we prevent loading many pixels that will be hidden, without using too many <source> in a <picture>?

  2. TIL @​media not (min-width: 60rem) { … } doesn't work in Safari, while it works in Chromium and Firefox.

    Safari requires a media type, like all.

    So here's the "right" syntax:
    @​media not all and (min-width: 60rem) { … }