Matt Cambion

Personal Websites as Self-Portraiture

Screenshot of “Personal Websites as Self-Portraiture”

What Matt writes echoes a lot with some IndieWeb principles, even if he doesn't mention it.

What, then, is a personal website? It is precisely that, personal. It is a new kind of self-portraiture done not with pencils, charcoal, ink, or paint. Instead it is self-portraiture done in markup language, code, prose, images, audio, and video.

As Matt also says:

[With the Web,] one could have as many websites as one did interests, given sufficient leisure time. Moreover, one’s interests need not intersect at all if they formed a combination of interests that might have raised judgmental eyebrows in the immediate neighborhood.

I chose to differenciate my written content here and my photography creations elsewhere because I know some people are not interested in both, and I wanted to present photography very differently.

It reminds me of a great quote I used in my talk about POSSE and IndieWeb, from Brad Frost's Write on your own website:

Writing on your own website associates your thoughts and ideas with you as a person. Having a distinct website design helps strengthen that association.