Matt Cambion

Personal Websites as Self-Portraiture

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What Matt writes echoes a lot with some IndieWeb principles, even if he doesn't mention it.

What, then, is a personal website? It is precisely that, personal. It is a new kind of self-portraiture done not with pencils, charcoal, ink, or paint. Instead it is self-portraiture done in markup language, code, prose, images, audio, and video.

As Matt also says:

[With the Web,] one could have as many websites as one did interests, given sufficient leisure time. Moreover, one’s interests need not intersect at all if they formed a combination of interests that might have raised judgmental eyebrows in the immediate neighborhood.

I chose to differenciate my written content here and my photography creations elsewhere because I know some people are not interested in both, and I wanted to present photography very differently.

It reminds me of a great quote I used in my talk about POSSE and IndieWeb, from Brad Frost's Write on your own website:

Writing on your own website associates your thoughts and ideas with you as a person. Having a distinct website design helps strengthen that association.

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    Richard Hemmer

    Why you should have your own website

    Don't wait for the next new platform to put all of those things into a walled garden - choose openness, interoperability and decentralization instead. Trust me, in a few years, when yet another platform goes bust and all those carefully curated albums, texts or discussions invariably disappear, you'll be happy to have this one place on the web that's all yours, for as long as you like.