Note from 24 June 2021

This migration from basicHTML to LinkeDOM in images-responsiver looks good! 😍

All tests pass with LinkeDOM

I have yet to find if this behavior with HTML entities is an issue.


  1. Which (stable, lightweight, maintained, etc.) npm package would you recommend to transform any RSS or Atom feeds to a standard JSON Feed format?

  2. How do you deal with images that need to have a fluid width but fixed height?

    I tend to start from the lowest width/height ratio and increase, knowing larger images will have hidden parts above and below… 😔

    Anything better?

  3. I accidentally moved my hero image onto Cloudinary (who I also adore!). But, a less-optimised image served from the same origin is always faster than a more-optimised image from a third party. Self-host your static assets!


    But most images are currently not or badly optimized. 😔

    They would benefit a lot from an image CDN: resize, compression, modern formats, etc.