1. When I import my Google Analytics data in #CanIUse, it says only 80 % of my visitors have support for CSS clamp(), while it's 90 % globally. 🤔

    Percentages of users that have browsers supporting CSS clamp().

    I have almost only tech-savvy visitors, so I don't understand. 🤷‍♂️

  2. I bet I can find 10 different ways people handle responsive images in Markdown, for example in #Eleventy projects… I'm part of the problem. 😅

    Shouldn't we try to first list requirements, and then maybe find a single solution for everyone, if possible?

  3. I wish #Pinboard allowed defining (meta?) tags as combinations of multiple other tags, like design + system for example.

    tag bundles are using a logical OR so a bundle with design and system will show bookmarks with only the design tag.

  4. screenshot of Please support Web Monetization if you want less ads on the web

    Adrian Todorov

    Please support Web Monetization if you want less ads on the web

    for a lot of web content creators, ads remain the main way to make money of the content they produce, which could be just to compensate costs, as a reward for the time spent, or even potentially to allow transferring to full time content producing. And for a lot of content consumers, blocking ads removes the only way to “pay”, baring some direct donations scheme.

  5. screenshot of Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You

    Hynek Schlawack avatar Hynek Schlawack

    Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You

    As a maintainer of several open source projects (both in Ruby and JavaScript), I agree with everything Hynek says about the difficulty for a maintainer to define versions and give a hint about potential compatibility issues.