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Media chapter of the 2022 Web Almanac by HTTP Archive

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I had the honor to review the Media chapter of the 2022 edition of The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive, "a comprehensive report on the state of the web, backed by real data and trusted web experts".

Once again, it shows that many Web pages are full of oversized images, for multiple reasons, including slow adoption of better modern image formats (AVIF, WebP), and wrong usage of srcset and sizes:

19% sizes attribute that were inaccurate enough to affect srcset selection on desktop. On mobile, it’s 14%.

Let's hope it will improve over time, we'll check this next year!

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    Jon Sneyers avatar Jon Sneyers

    The Case for JPEG XL

    Jon gives a good overview of everything JPEG XL improves over other image formats. This article can be seen by some as biaised, as Jon is part of the team that created the format, but I really think it honestly shows clear advantages, and I hope it will help people understand JPEG XL support in browsers would be great.