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Web Quality Checklist

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The Web Quality Checklist is intended for all professionals who create websites. It is designed in a collaborative way by a community of Web professionals, led by the French company Opquast (Open Quality Standards).

This checklist has been a must-have for any Web project for a while now, available originaly on https://checklists.opquast.com/en/qualiteweb/

Let's hope this additional presence on DevChecklists helps more people find and use it.

  1. screenshot of Letters of exclusion

    Jeremy Keith avatar Jeremy Keith

    Letters of exclusion

    I feel sorry for anyone trying to get into the field of web performance. Not only are there complex browser behaviours to understand, there’s also a veritable alphabet soup of initialisms to memorise. Here’s a really good post on web performance by Harry, but notice how the initialisms multiply like tribbles as the post progresses until we’re talking about using CWV metrics like LCP, FID, and CLS—alongside TTFB and SI—to look at PLPs, PDPs, and SRPs. And fair play to Harry; he expands each initialism the first time he introduces it.

  2. Une ode à l'em

    Après avoir eu des retours plutôt nombreux et positifs suite à ma conférence à Paris Web 2013, j'ai retroussé mes manches pour proposer une version plus rédactionnelle, en essayant de retranscrire tout ce que j'ai dit mais pas mis dans mes slides, et même plus. Et j'ai la chance d'avoir vu ce très long article publié sur 24 Jours de Web, « le calendrier de l'avent des gens qui font le web d'après ».