1. screenshot of Local-first software

    Martin Kleppmann, Adam Wiggins, Peter van Hardenberg and Mark McGranaghan

    Local-first software

    I talk a lot about POSSE these days, but it's mainly about content, not applications. For them, it is often difficult to host a solution yourself, but relying on a third-party solution in the cloud also raises many concerns, to which the Ink & Switch team is trying to find a solution:

  2. Cover slide from the talk “Ne vous laissez plus déPOSSEder de vos contenus !”

    Ne vous laissez plus déPOSSEder de vos contenus !

    Nous sommes de plus en plus soucieux des dérives des GAFAM et autres acteurs majeurs du web dans l’usage de nos données personnelles ou le contrôle de nos actions. Nous y restons pourtant massivement, par facilité bien sûr (qui n’a jamais loué la facilité de publications sur Medium ?), mais aussi au prétexte que c’est là que nos familles, amis et autres “followers” se trouvent.

  3. screenshot of Why Is CSS So Weird?

    Miriam Suzanne

    Why Is CSS So Weird?

    If you don't understand why CSS is one of the great strengths of the Web, even if you've been using it for a while, you really have to spend these 15 minutes to watch Miriam Suzanne explain how it came to be, and why it is what it is.