Lē McNamara

Beyond WCAG: Losing Spoons Online

Screenshot of “Beyond WCAG: Losing Spoons Online”

Lē McNamara uses the spoon theory to explain how cognitively diverse people might suffer from some design decisions, even if sites respect current WCAG rules.

"Spoon theory"? 🤔

Spoon theory is a metaphor in which one’s physical and mental capacity for each day is represented by a fixed number of spoons that gets replenished each day. Some people are given more spoons than others, and each time you need to expend mental or physical energy as part of your day, that removes one (or more than one) of your spoons. And once you reach zero spoons, that means that you’ve exhausted your mental and physical capacity for the day—and there’s no more that you can do.

Let's work for a more accessible, usable, and inclusive web for everyone.

If we work together, we can remove some of the barriers that people with cognitive disabilities experience online, and in doing so, we can also increase basic quality of living, leaving more spoons each day—more energy to be your best friend, your favorite aunt, your amazing dad, or your super cool boss. We have a lot to offer, online and off.