Send Outgoing Webmentions

I've been using Webmention for almost 2 years now, and I am fortunate to use Aaron Gustafson's jekyll-webmention_io plugin for Jekyll, the static site generator I currently use on this site. Aaron's plugin deals with getting the Webmentions from, as the name implies, but also with sending mentions to external contents I link to in my own content.

Unfortunately, most other Webmention implementations only deal with receiving, not sending, so Remy Sharp thought it would be a good idea providing such tool:

Adding Webmentions to a site seemed straightforward and a well trodden path. Sending outgoing webmentions on the other hand seems to have been generally left to ones own devices.

So I decided to take up the challenge and build a platform agnostic method of sending outgoing webmentions, that anyone can use.

Remy supports several ways to use the tool, even available as a self hosted script.

I will not use it on my current Jekyll powered site, but I will definitely keep it in mind for the probable future migration to Eleventy.

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