Note from 12 March 2020

Is it a modern form of cybersquatting?

  • Generic name
  • Only one version
  • Released 4 years ago
  • Only 1 weekly download
  • Installation doesn't work


  1. TIL IntersectionObserver's rootMargin only works if the observer is in the same origin, because of privacy concerns:

    There is a risk that the API may be used to probe for information about the geometry of the global viewport itself, which may be used to deduce the user’s hardware configuration.

    That's why this demo of a sticky navigation doesn't work in CodePen's default view… 😞

  2. For language changes inside a paragraph, MDN suggests we can use the i element:

    That's what I thought was one of the new use cases for i.

    A @[email protected] page about “Declaring language in HTML” (so @[email protected] ?) says we should use a span, div or bdi:

    So no i after all?

  3. screenshot of The Top Five Static Site Generators for 2023 (and when to use them!)

    David Large and CloudCannon

    The Top Five Static Site Generators for 2023 (and when to use them!)

    Eleventy is a great choice for developers who value simplicity, flexibility, and customizability, and who want an SSG with fast build times and a strong community of support. If you’re focused on build speed and site performance, and would rather avoid JavaScript in your built sites where possible, you’d be hard pressed to choose anything other than Eleventy.