Nick Vlku

[Algolia] introducing new developer-friendly pricing

Screenshot of “[Algolia] introducing new developer-friendly pricing”

Algolia’s freemium journey has been heralded in the developer community for many years, and today we’re doubling down. We’ve replaced the Free plan with something even bigger and better: Algolia Build. New builders are now able to upload and index up to 1 Million records.

OMG, what an awesome news! 😍

I love Algolia, I've been using it for years for client projects[1] and on my own blog archives.

Beeing able to have 1 million reccords instead of 10 thousand means I'll be able to index all my content, including my 10k+ bookmarks.

  1. sometimes trying really hard without succeeding: searching for multiple matches in a single item at once ↩︎