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Midnight is a Terrible Time for Coffee

Screenshot of “Midnight is a Terrible Time for Coffee”

It’s easy to assume that folks won’t use the defaults, but some will (intentionally or accidentally.) By improving these defaults, you improve the default experience of your product.

This is really important.

I tried to take care of these defaults when creating my recent GitHub Action to publish feed items on Mastodon or Pack11ty, my starter project for Eleventy.

  1. Navigation doesn’t have to be hidden behind a "Menu"-button. If it matters, we need to show it, and do so prominently. Some items are more important or more frequently used, so they might deserve a little bit more spotlight in your navigation.

    In addition to prominent navigation options @vitalyf shows in his thread, I really like the horizontal overflow scrolling navigation, enhanced with @LeaVerou's scrolling shadows.